About Linekeeper

Our original product idea was the Line Keeper. Through internet and retail sales, our goal has always been to get this product into the hands of every fisherman.
The Line Keeper first started as an idea back in 2001. We have since gone through several different designs before we settled on the current product. When this final product was developed we found that we had to order a custom plastic injection tool in 2003 to accomplish what we needed for our idea. This plastic coupler allowed for the line to feed through it's center hole and gave the user the capacity to adjust the elastic band to fit whatever size line or leader spool that you are using.

This turned out to be money well spent. We now feel that we have the best product in the fishing market for line control hands down. We believe that by using the Line Keeper, you will become more efficient with fishing line leader and spool control resulting in more time spent fishing.

We have since been adding other original product ideas to our site as well as other currently manufactured fishing related products. The items that we sell that are manufactured outside of our company are selected because we feel they are superior quality products and ones that the serious fisherman will want and use. We personally use all of our own products when we fish.

If you prefer to order direct through our company you can contact us either by phone, fax or email. We are located in Northwest Portland, Oregon.

Rubber Resource, Inc.
3499 NW Yeon Ave. Bldg. #3
Portland, OR 97210
Phone 503 224-0168
Fax 503 224-0178
email: robin@rubberresource.com

We are a member of the NW Steelheaders Assoc.
We are also a proud sponsor of www.ifish.net

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